Geoff Abbott

Is a based af Founder/CTO whom's software has facilitated over a quarter billion dollars in revenue. Has worked at several venture funded startups and hired/managed engineers whom have gone on to work at Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. Has extensive vertical knowledge of e-commerce, supply chain logistics, and enterprise ERP software.

Founder | 04.22•Curr
Personalized Doodles from your favorite people.
React | Web3 | Solidity | Firestore
Thread Swap
Founder | 01.22•Curr
NFT based merchandise marketplace.
React | Web3 | Solidity
Fund Rocket
Co-Founder | 02.22•Curr
Blockchain fund raising platform. *Pre-launch
React | Web3 | Solidity
Co-Founder | CTO | 2019•Curr
Health & Wellness startup.
React | React Native | Swift | Nodejs | MongoDB
Co-Founder | CTO | 2019•Curr
E-sports scrimmage marketplace.
React Native | Shopify
Technical Co-Founder | 2017•2018
Interactive podcasting app on IOS.
Swift | Nodejs | MongoDB
Lead Engineer | 2016•2017
Venture backed music company.
React | Nodejs | Postgres
Co-Founder | CTO | 2015•2016
LA based fully collaborative fashion brand that partners with influencers on Instagram to create clothes and showcase creative work.
Angular | PHP | SQL
CTO | 2012•2014
DahliaWolf is a community where people come together to inspire fashion.
jQuery/Angular | Objective C | PHP | SQL
CTO | 2012•Curr
Magento | PHP | SQL
CTO | 2012•Curr